Hampton gets a restoration....

Hampton gets a resto....

Ok, so here’s the story.

Having grown up in the back of a VW camper van (not literally but you’ll get the picture) I have always had a fond memory of life as a child travelling to far-flung places in our home on wheels. My parents owned a green and ivory 1966 split screen camper, perhaps at the time only 3 or 4 years old. This was how my sister and I holidayed whilst normal folk went to hotels in foreign lands and came back with suntans and postcards.

But when you’re a child, perhaps there isn’t anything more exciting than being flung into the back of a VW camper van in the early hours of the morning and being told you were off for an adventure. Everything else in life would just have to wait.

So here I am – older and wiser? Not a chance…

Some fifteen years ago while searching the internet for a practical vehicle for the family we got side tracked. There on the pages of 'thesamba.com' was a 1966 green and ivory split screen camper. It was fate, it was fate in Canada, but still fate none-the-less .

After a long exchange of emails a kind gentleman called John agreed to sell us his pride and joy ‘Hampton’. Not only did he agree to the sale but he also volunteered to drive across the Canadian border, put her on the back of a lorry so she could be delivered to Seattle where she would then be put in a container and shipped to London some six weeks later.

Fast forward to now and here we are – living on the west coast of the Scottish highlands with more rain in a month than most people have seen in a life time. With roads just wide enough to no longer be called ‘foot paths’ and with not much chance of reaching the national speed limit before hitting sheep, our VW camper has found its new home – and rust – lots of rust.

So the VW camper is getting a well-deserved restoration and a new coat of paint and hopefully will be back on the road very soon - and as the old VW sales literature use to promise – "Home is where you park it".

A big thank you to Jonathan Ogilvy for all his hard work and patience to date (with the splitty and us).

Room with a view
Hampton goes for a resto
Barn find....
That won't stop the dog falling out
Out with the old
Primed and ready for paint
Tickled pink with the new colour
A fresh lick of paint and a colour change
Doors on!